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Authors Book Launch and Expo 2023 - ABLE
Authors Book Launch and Expo 2023 - ABLE
06 Oct 2023, 8:00 am
Crown Promenade
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Are you an author who is launching a book? Have you published your book but don't know how to launch it?


 Publishing a book is a huge accomplishment, but launching it can feel like an impossible task. You don't know where to start and you're not sure how to make your launch successful. 


It's hard enough to write a book, let alone worry about the launch. How do you make sure your launch is successful and reaches your target audience?


Worried that the process of launching your book isn’t glamorous enough? 


Don’t worry, this webinar has all the tips & tricks to help you glam up your book launch and make it something people will remember. 


 Imagine launching your book in style, in a glamorous environment,  creating a memorable event worthy of being talked about years later by fans and critics alike! We will show you how in this FREE webinar


Join us now at our upcoming webinar "How To Launch Your Book In Style & Glamour". 

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