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How can we help?

We know you have some questions about launching or nominating your book.  We're here to help. Check out our compilation of frequently asked questions and answers below.

What are the requirements to register as a launching author for the event?

To launch your book at the Authors Book Launch and Expo (ABLE) you must have published a book or must have the electronic version of your published book.


Is there a registration fee for launching authors? If yes, how much is it and what does it cover?

Yes, there is a registration fee to launch your book at ABLE. Please refer to the registration for the current launch fee.


How can I pay the registration fee, and are there any refund policies?

To pay the registration fee and for T&Cs, please visit


What is the deadline for registration, and can I register after the deadline has passed?

The deadline to register to launch your book is 5 weeks before the event deadline. We will not be accepting registration after the deadline. Process and marketing promotions will start immediately right after the set deadline and it will be hard for late registration to catch up with the schedules of activities and promotions once it has started. 


We will announce the deadline on our social media platforms and on our website.


Are there any specific qualifications or criteria my book needs to meet for the Author’s Book Launch and Expo?

It is a requirement that your book has an ISBN. There are no specific criteria or genres that your book must meet. You can submit any book of any genre as your launch book. 


Can I participate in the event if my book still needs to be published?

You can do a soft launch of your book before its publication. 

Will there be any virtual participation options available?

No. The Author’s Book Launch and Expo is a LIVE in-person event. It will not be live-streamed online. 


How long will each launching author have on stage?

Each author will have a maximum of 10 minutes on stage to present their message and launch their book. 


What facilities and equipment will be provided to launching authors on stage?

ABLE is a professional speaking stage. Authors and speakers will be equipped with wireless lapels. Hand-held microphones are also available if authors wish to use them. There is also a lectern with a built-in microphone. 


Who will be attending the event (e.g., publishers, media, book buyers)?

You can expect publishers, authors, book buyers, sponsors and book lovers to be present in the audience. 

Is it mandatory to submit a highlight video? If so, when should it be submitted?

It is mandatory to submit a recorded video of you answering a set of questions. This recorded video needs to be submitted via email for editing and compiling and will be aired on the big stage screen as part of your author highlight during the event. 


What should be included in the highlight video, and how long should it be?

The highlight video should be a minimum of 90 seconds, but now more than 5 minutes long. The highlight video should include answers to all the questions that we send to you. 


Where and how should I submit my highlight video?

You can email your recorded video via attachment or via a Google Drive link. We need to have this video 4 weeks before the date of the event to give enough time for editing and revisions if needed.


Will the highlight video be used for promotional purposes?

The highlight video will be used at the event for your promotion and to highlight you as a great author. A copy of the highlight video will be given to you after the event. 


Can I receive assistance or guidelines for creating my highlight video?

Our team will guide you on how to best record your video for the best outcomes and per our requirements. There may be cases where we ask you to re-record your video if the picture quality and sound are not satisfactory.


Will there be any promotional materials provided to authors?

We will promote and market you on our social media platforms prior to and after the event. We will tag your social media accounts if you wish to. The winner’s badges will be emailed to you right after the event.


Can authors bring and distribute their promotional materials at the event?

Yes, launching authors can bring their promotional material, banners, books, and business flyers to promote and sell their products. 


How will the event be promoted, and how can authors contribute to the promotion?

The event will be promoted and advertised throughout the year on social media and general advertisements. We can tag your social media accounts and you can share them with your network for promotional purposes.


Will authors have the opportunity to sell their books at the event?

Yes, launching authors will have the opportunity to sell their books.

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