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MEejie™ Chaparro-Traverso 


We are all born in greatness, with greatness, for greatness

MEejie™ Chaparro-Traverso 


MEejie™ Chaparro-Traverso  is Program Consultant & Coach, a TV & Podcast Show Host/Producer. A Passionate Entrepreneur. Author of Entrepreneuring the Soul. On a mission to unify people and build communities to work towards the betterment of humankind. Founder and CEO of MEej LLC and its signature brands: Motiva-Inspira, MSA, and Impact Tour International. 


MEejie has spent the last 25+ years working in the human relations field. Her life journey and search for a meaningful and fulfilling life has led her to show up in the world as an entrepreneur. She believes in a world where endless possibilities, bountiful opportunities, and innate greatness exists. A great life readily available to us all. 


Having found herself oppressed and hitting the pause button on her own dreams during the first half of her life, she switched to the notion of a pursuit by creation mindset. She has successfully developed an alternate modality program to help those seeking another chance at life. Especially those needing to deal with pervasive and prolonged stress and anxiety.


The process pulls from proven scientific research and data. It helps unveil the greatnesses of the soul. It is designed to motivate, inspire, elevate and empower people towards pursuit of dreams by creation of a life they dream of. 

MEejie has an uncanny ability for creating initiatives that help businesses and organizations level up their offerings and show up in the market place with a fresh and alluring presence. MEejie has successfully developed state, national and international programs and projects. Her socioeconomic, entrepreneurial, educational, health and spiritual wellness development programs all have a human relations foundation. MEejie is known for her unique terms and concepts, and for openly speaking about the emotional and self-image challenges that kept her emotionally paralyzed for so long. Causing her turmoil, depression, and the loss of important relationships in her life.

The Book showcase

New Release

Entrepreneuring The Soul
By MEejie™ Chaparro-Traverso 

Her book “Entrepreneuring The Soul” captures her unique style and eclectic views on allowing the brain, body, heart, and mind to be led by the soul. She skillfully offers non-traditional views on intimacy, romance, and sensuality. MEejie believes there is ample room for these in our lives, and that in fact, they help preserve the integrity of our identity. That they are key elements for our overall physiological, psychological health, wellness and successes at work, at home, at play, in our communities, relationships and in the world.


“Optimizing one’s performance, productivity and potential is an act of courage, a mindset, and lifestyle. All which emerge from the soul. It is our duty to seek to live the best life possible. When our hearts are filled with the passions of our soul, whom we are and what we do, consequently improve the quality and state of our our mind and that of humankind.”



MEejie™ Chaparro-Traverso will be launching her inspiring book at the Authors Book Launch and Expo 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. Come along and join the celebration of this launch and get your signed copy of her book.  MEejie will be available to sign your purchased copy of her book.


Authors Book Launch and Expo 2022

7 - 8 October 2022

Crown Conferences Melbourne

8 Whiteman St, Melbourne


MEejie™ Chaparro-Traverso

 Mobile +1 (732) 551-1902          

I am looking forward to meeting you at the Authors Book Launch and Expo to share with you my story and showcase my book to you. 

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