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Kabinga C Mazaba

Author | Speaker

If you admit it, you can change, and if you confront you can heal.

Kabinga C Mazaba


Kabinga C Mazaba is a rising literary talent and a compassionate mental health expert, with a specialized focus on trauma recovery. With unwavering dedication, she is currently immersed in the creation of her forthcoming book, "CONFRONT: Reclaim Your Life" a work that promises to be a beacon of hope for those on the path to healing and personal transformation.


Kabinga's journey in the field of mental health is marked by her relentless pursuit of knowledge and experience. She is actively working towards a degree in Counseling and Coaching, a testament to her deep-seated commitment to helping individuals surmount their challenges, find solace in the aftermath of trauma, and embark on a journey of profound personal growth.


Outside her professional pursuits, Kabinga is a nurturing mother of three and a loving wife, exemplifying her profound belief in the significance of striking a harmonious balance between her career and family life. Her personal philosophy, encapsulated in the mantra, "life is a journey, embrace uncertainty," reflects her resolute faith in the power of resilience and adaptability.


This core belief transcends into all aspects of her life, infusing her personal and professional endeavors with a remarkable sense of purpose and determination.



Kabinga Mazaba is not just an author and mental health expert; she is a beacon of hope, a role model for personal growth, and a testament to the extraordinary strength that lies within the human spirit. Her journey is one of unwavering dedication, and her contributions to the field of mental health are poised to make a lasting impact, inspiring countless individuals to confront their past, reclaim their lives, and embrace a future filled with promise and possibility.

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New Release

Reclaim Your life
By Kabinga C Mazaba

As humans working our way through this epic journey called life, many of us are unaware of how much the past is haunting us …. we are ensnared in the tendrils of trauma, anxiety and self-doubt, just existing, not understanding how we are limiting our full potential and the chance for true happiness.

But you can reclaim your life. You can acknowledge and CONFRONT your inner demons to emerge from the abyss of past traumas and paralysing beliefs to rewrite your story. With every turn of the page, this book gives you the tools you need to walk from the shadows into the limelight. Boundless self-love and renewed self-esteem is now available as you step into true transformation and redefine your passion, your purpose and the very core of your existence.

Join thought-provoking motivational speaker and insightful transformational coach, Kabinga Mazaba, as she bares her raw soul journey, revealing the powerful arsenal she crafted to shatter her chains and reclaim her life.


"If you admit it, you can change it and if you confront you can heal.”




Kabinga C Mazaba

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