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Eugene Pizzolato


Your life can be whatever you want it to be, all you need is the COURAGE to look within and then act on what you find.

Eugene Pizzolato


Eugene Pizzolato is the founder of The Human Experience Compass: The creator of “The 10 Elements to Inner Peace & Self Respect Program”


He is a Mental and Emotional Wellness Guide, Space Holder, Master Facilitator,  Speaker, Coach and Trainer. 

Eugene's childhood was one of hopelessness & loneliness with authorities ignoring red flags that should never have been overlooked. The police knew that  his father had tried to kill him, the mental health system knew that his mother was being violated, as Eugene had told them when he was ten, yet no action was ever taken.

His mother was a paranoid schizophrenic and his father a violent abusive alcoholic, neither could meet his emotional needs, they were not capable to provide for Eugene's development as needed, and he subsequently experienced 13 traumatic experiences by the time he was 16 years old. 

Eugene  was responsible to look after his mum between the ages of 4 and 16 missing around 50% of his schooling never having 1 friend in that time.

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Both his parents  suffered from mental health issues  and did not have the capability to meet his needs,  or provide for his development or provide growth experiences ?

As a result, Eugene found himself:

  • Thinking that deep down, people will find out who he really was, and if they did,  they would reject me

  • Feeling that he was not good enough

  • Feeling that what he had to say was not important

  • When tried to speak up, he felt shut down, minimized, or made fun of

  • He struggled to trust others as he has been let down so many times

  • He felt nobody understood him, so he created a mask to make others believe "I am ok" when deep down he felt all alone

  • He constantly struggled to organize his thoughts

The Book showcase

New Release

By Eugene Pizzolato

This book takes a deep dive into my experiences, the meaning I gave my experiences and how the meaning has shaped the way I navigated my life and how I learnt to love myself, rebuild my missing Development and heal my past hurts so that I can find my inner peace, self-respect, certainty and clarity.

The book explores the idea that in our earlier developmental stages, if our emotional needs had not been met, our Development not been provided for, and we experienced challenging and or traumatic experiences, then your life will be challenging

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You will feel not seen, heard, or understood and be affected by mental health challenges, fear, loneliness, anxiety, overwhelm, and limiting beliefs.


The book is in three parts.

Part 1

My Early Childhood Experiences and The Meaning I gave them

My experiences were not ordinary, I lived an isolated, lonely, violent abusive life without one friend until I was 16 being responsible to care for my paranoid schizophrenic mother between the aged of 4 and16

Part 2

The Effect of the Experiences and Meaning had on my adult life

I share the main stories in my adult life where I thrived and where I crumbled and fell

Part 3

I have invested over 3500 hours in Therapy and Personal Development work to find my way home Inner Peace, what I found was that no one looked at all of me, rather they looked at the symptom and supported me to heal that, but the rest of me was not seen, heard or understood, which kept me stuck in my trauma for a long time

I share in detail the steps I took, to Learn to Love myself, to Rebuild my missing Development and Heal my past hurts, I have detailed this in The 10 Elements to Inner Peace & Self Respect which is designed to support anyone, no matter how challenging your experiences were.


Eugene Pizzolato will be launching his inspiring book at the Authors Book Launch and Expo 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. Come along and join the celebration of this launch and get your signed copy of his book.  Eugene will be available to sign your purchased copy of her book.

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Authors Book Launch and Expo 2022

7 - 8 October 2022

Crown Conferences Melbourne

8 Whiteman St, Melbourne


Eugene Pizzolato

I am looking forward to meeting you at the Authors Book Launch and Expo to share with you my story and showcase my book to you. 

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