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Yasmin Walter


It's time we become the authors of our own lives instead of being a side character in someone else's story. Escape the monotonous 9-5 grind and break free from making your boss's dreams come true.

Yasmin Walter


Yasmin Walter is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, international bestselling author of two books, and a thought leader for the Forbes Business Council.


As a self-proclaimed business-holic, Yasmin has been a force in the entrepreneurial world since the age of 17 and shows no signs of slowing down. With a diverse range of ventures, she wears many hats as a Jill of all trades.


As a former model, she founded Model Camp Australia, providing a platform for aspiring models to advance in their careers. This led to a partnership with SASS Management, expanding opportunities for local talent across the nation. Yasmin’s innovative thinking sparked the creation of Kalgoorlie Fashion Week, filling a void in the fashion scene of rural WA. 

Her entrepreneurial journey took an extraordinary turn when she, seven and a half months pregnant, embarked on a trip to the United States to sell her tech company, Tagroom, an online media company experiencing rapid growth, to MOKO Social Media Limited, a New York-based company listed on NASDAQ (MOKO) and ASX (MKB). 

 Understanding the challenges faced by small business owners, Yasmin established The Market Hub Perth, a pop-up shop supporting local entrepreneurs by providing affordable shared retail space. Continuously seeking new ventures, she invested in KMD Books, a publishing house dedicated to nurturing aspiring authors, and founded the children’s book division, Little K Books. Collaborating with her sister, they opened We Gather Studio, a wellness center offering various services to support feminine energy.


Within the studio, she operates The Bub Society, a 3D baby ultrasound clinic. Despite her busy schedule, Yasmin values balance in life and enjoys dancing, spending time with her daughters, indulging in doughnuts, watching TV series with her husband, and showcasing her culinary skills as a talented chef. Yasmin’s success can be attributed to her innovative mindset, unwavering dedication, and creative approach, as she continues to embrace the hustle-preneur life that chose her. 

The Book showcase

New Release

Curiousity Killed the Nine to Five
By Yasmin Walter

 Escape the monotonous 9-5 grind and break free from making your boss's dreams come true. 

We’re here to celebrate. Celebrate us. Celebrate powerful women. And celebrate female founders on their journey that honours the courage, resilience, and unwavering curiosity in entrepreneurship. This book isn't your average snooze-fest of business advice. We're here to shake things up, break barriers, and prove that business can be a wild and exhilarating adventure. 


There have been moves from continent to continent and from high-flying careers to humble service to humanity. They have learned to trust their gut and to push as much as they possibly can in a new career or passion so that they can give others the benefits of their true calling. Not any of their journeys have been simple. Knowing that their transformation also affects their families, has made their decisions challenging.

Curated by Forbes Business Council thought leader, Yasmin Walter, "Curiosity Killed the 9-5" is not just another business book; it's a collection of remarkable tales, woven together to showcase the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to chase their dreams. These 27 revolutionary women from various industries will make you laugh, cry, and shout, "Heck yeah"! 

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As you dive into these stories, you'll witness the birth of these remarkable businesses—the highs, the lows, and the pivotal moments that shaped their destinies. You'll discover the initial spark of curiosity that set each entrepreneur on her unique path and the ongoing curiosity that fuels their relentless pursuit of success. Through their experiences, you'll learn the art of embracing the unknown, navigating risks with confidence, and fostering an unwavering belief in your own abilities. 


Unleash your curiosity and embrace your inner boss babe! Each chapter is accompanied by self-coach-style reflections and interactive worksheets, offering valuable insights, and guiding you through your business structures. Get ready to unlock your potential and thrive in the world of business! 


Yasmin Walter will be launching her inspiring book at the Authors Book Launch and Expo 2023 at Crown Promenade in Melbourne, Australia. Yasmin will also present her inspiring keynote HOW TO CREATE PROFITABLE DIGITALSCAPE.  So come along and join the celebration of this launch and get your signed copy of her book.  Yasmin will be available to sign your purchased copy of her book.

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Authors Book Launch and Expo 2023

6 - 7 October 2023

Crown Conferences Melbourne

8 Whiteman St, Melbourne

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Yasmin Walter

Mobile 0433 814 717 

I am looking forward to meeting you at the Authors Book Launch and Expo to share with you my story and showcase my book to you. 

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