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Debra Lansdowne

Author & Motivational Speaker

We do not know what we are capable of until we are forced to move beyond our own fears

Debra Lansdowne


Debra Lansdowne is a free spirit with a passion for adventure and relentless desire to explore life on our beautiful planet. A True seeker of freedom and joy, Debra’s ability to trust and follow her heart’s guidance has taken her on many journeys. With her inspiring and compassionate personality, she shares her extraordinary life experiences from a physical and metaphysical perspective to see the world with different eyes.


Born and raised in Sydney Australia, leaving home at an early age to follow her heart’s calling, Debra explored many paths to experience life to the full. Debra’s professional career as a Registered Nurse spanned 35yrs.


It took her across Australia and out into a remote area, as a community nurse in central Australia and worked in medical research for the pharmaceutical industry. This gave her a deeper understanding of diseases and the impact of medicine. She travelled to the UK to work as a private nurse with the aristocracy this became an enlightening experience.

In 1991, at thirty-three years of age, Debra’s father died traumatically. The grief hit her hard. What was her purpose here on earth? The sorrow in her heart disconnected her – losing hope in continuing to live, affecting her mind and body, manifesting diseases. 

This found her on a quest to heal herself and go on a journey of self-discovery that released shattered memories and opened her heart to spiritual awakenings, transformed her to live a more conscious life.


Debra followed her own heart guidance more courageously, without being swayed by cultural beliefs, modern norms and expectations of “the world”. Finally, she could feel freedom, joy and peace within herself. 


Now truly following her heart, in 1993 she answered the calling to experience eastern practices of Meditation, leading her to train as a Kundalini Yoga teacher. Another calling to explore the arts saw Debra train as an accredited art therapist and counsellor. Facilitator trained, she practices conscious dance as medicine with world music rhythms and learnt indigenous earth wisdom practices, successfully and passionately offering community groups a supportive space to explore their minds and feel the body. Debra will guide you on a heartfelt journey, to feel empowered, find your own answers in life and write your own stories.


28yrs after Debra’s father passed he returned in spirit with a message to write her books. Her book was born “Seeker of  Freedom and Joy” and later “The Power of Love with Animals”.

The Book showcase

New Release

By Debra Lansdowne

A miraculously raw and revealing real-life story. The author takes you on her extraordinary life journey, sharing her unique and heartfelt perspective. She gently recollects her major life events through an empathic lens, combining her knowledge in health science, spirituality and her own life-experience. With genuine compassion, Debra invites us to live with a deeper sense knowing from our own hearts and as infinite beings


This inspiring biography begins by telling the story of a sensitive child who’s open heart interprets the world and gives meaning to love on the planet, which can be often seen as contradictory and confusing. Debra’s adventurous and passionate spirit eventually drives her to explore the world beyond her childhood, resulting in her leaving home at an early age to follow her heart’s calling and discovering the real meaning of joy and freedom. 


The reader has an opportunity to find their own personal insights as Debra shares how she navigated a path beyond her own trauma, fears, confusion, disappointments and challenges life throws at her, by trusting her own heart guidance she experiences spiritual awakenings. The chapters are weaved with pearls of wisdom and questions for the reader to find their own personal insights and unique path to be enlightened.


Debra Lansdowne launched her inspiring book at the Authors Book Launch and Expo 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. 

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Authors Book Launch and Expo 2023

6 - 7 October 2023

Crown Conferences Melbourne

8 Whiteman St, Melbourne


Debra Lansdowne

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