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Andrea Putting


When you take action on what speaks so strongly to your heart that you can’t not do it, you are having authentic influence and leaving a legacy worth living

Andrea Putting


When success is not enough, focusing on Compassionate Prosperity will turn your business around to create a legacy worth living. 

Andrea Putting is an inspirational Keynote Speaker, best-seller and award-winning Author and Trusted Advisor to Authentic Influencers. She is an advocate for Social Mission who highlights the successes of those who are making a difference in the world. Business today is looking for something more. They need to connect and feel that they can make a significant difference in the world. Andrea connects them emotionally to the journey and their importance individually as a business and community.

Being successful has long been held as the pinnacle of business. However, it doesn’t bring happiness and fulfilment.


When incorporating compassion projects in business, success takes on a new meaning. As compassion grows, prosperity follows. 

The Book showcase

New Release

By Andrea Putting

 As Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs, being successful in business is what we all aspire to become. However, even after achieving everything you desire, you can be left feeling empty. 


Compassionate Prosperity explores how having compassion projects in business turns success into fulfilment and satisfaction for you and your business. As compassion grows, prosperity follows, in your team, community and business. Success takes on a new meaning and a higher purpose as you become an authentic influence. 

Incorporating stories from the podcast Social Mission Revolution, you will be inspired and guided through how easily your business can join the revolution of Compassionate Prosperity. 

 A quick read for a long-lasting legacy.

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Andrea Putting will be launching her inspiring book at the Authors Book Launch and Expo 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. Come along and join the celebration of this launch and get your signed copy of her book.  Andrea will be available to sign your purchased copy of her book.


Authors Book Launch and Expo 2022

7 - 8 October 2022

Crown Conferences Melbourne

8 Whiteman St, Melbourne


Andrea Putting

 Mobile +61 418 543 727,   email:

I am looking forward to meeting you at the Authors Book Launch and Expo to share with you my story and showcase my book to you. 

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